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  1. In urma solicitarilor dvs s-a intocmit o lista, cu persoanele care au nevoie de servicii consulare, si s-a atasat la urmatorul email:
  2. Click the following link to access all classes and workshops which will be conducted through MT. For more information about the summer camp click this link.
  3. 1. 2. If you input the above mentioned address model, your shipment will be delivered automatically by TFM courier. Courier selection is done automatically by amazon logistic system.
  4. Apel catre toti romanii din Ruwais care au nevoie de servicii consulare. Va rog sa cititi postarea de mai jos si sa luati legatura cu domnul Mihai Sandulescu.
  5. Leave your follow-up questions or comments here or on our Facebook post.
  6. Ryan

    Ruwais Lockdown


    here is a possible answer : http://ruwais.info/why-the-lockdown-will-continue/
  7. you can apply for it through you company's HR department, or you can directly go to the Ruwais Admin Building and request it personally
  8. Dear @Nivea Kindly provide the location or area you are referring to. Your feedback is always welcome and rest assured that actions will be taken (when you point us in the right direction).
  9. Happy birthday

  10. Ryan

    Al Yash 1

    You are correct that now, AY Guest House 1 is quarantine center for covid positive personnel.
  11. Ryan

    Ruwais Lockdown


  12. Ryan

    Ruwais Lockdown


    Actually, It's extended until July 1st. Kindly see the latest update.
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