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  1. I am UI KWUN SON who had this issue. I am currently living in Saudi Arabia. it took 5 months for refunding process. it was really not small amount, around 30K AED my idea is very simple to solve this kind of issue. there should be a deadline for refund process. if the deadline passed, the amount of refund can be increased by bank interest rate. the deadline and rate should be mentioned in refund process document which is signed by request and processing side. and there should be a dedicated person who can follow up the refund case. the person should be mentioned in the refund processing document. most of all, the refund process should be registered in online system which can be checked by requester and processing side. for my case, I had to leave ruwais. So, my company admin staff in ruwais had to visit frequently and asked ADNOC admin of Ruwais. without supporting my company in ruwais, it was not solved permanently. Nobody care from ADNOC admin. No one feel responsibility for the refund case. because the work is not their interest or profit. it is not fare. it is a kind of job ethic matter.
  2. Hi I am UI KWUN SON, call me UK. I had lived in villa P-399 for 2 years and now left from there due to finishing work in Ruwais. I still have UAE residence VISA and am working in another area. physically, I am not in Ruwais but many friends and related work is still remained in ruwais , wish to come back there again I left Ruwais on 14th of February 2022 and now 3 months have passed. When I left the house, the half year rental period remained and then the rental fee for the remaining time was supposed to be refunded. An accounting staff in Ruwais housing admin guided me the refunding process with a 2 month notice period before leaving , returning the house key and some approval procedure. Actually, when I heard the procedure, I suggested I can inform Ruwais housing admin of the leaving day earlier and when I leave the house with the return key, I need to get the refund. but He said the process can be started by returning the key. For now, I am not sure when I can get the refund. I think the accounting staff did his job properly. but somewhere or someone in his higher level doesn't care about this process. As time goes by, so much unnecessary suspicious thinking is increasing in my brain. Is it like someone in this process trying to intercept my money ? But you know, the remaining rental fee is half of a year. It is not a small amount of money. I hate myself for even imagining this kind of thought. I have sent them emails for reminders and asking for the status more than 10 times for last 3 months, but the reply is always ‘in process’. Maybe, I would try to find a way in law enforcement if this situation keeps going. This kind of process should have a schedule or designated time to completion. AM I TOO sensitive ? Is this a normal situation for this kind of work in UAE ? 3 month is still not enough time for this process? UK.SON p399_keyhandover.pdf
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