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  2. The original job details can be found @ https://www.linkedin.com/posts/activity-6825679653190045696-jDly
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  4. I can confirm that Posta Plus is delivering a PS4 game to Ruwais (item < 100 aed value): Most likely they only deliver once per week in Ruwais.
  5. Try contacting the household items store - central market - located at the first floor of the banks buildings. https://ruwais.info/ruwais-housing-complex-contact-numbers/
  6. Is the slaughter house open yet for Eid al-Fitr? If not when will it open? and what will be the working times on the day of the Eid?
  7. Ordered on Amazon Prime days above 1k. 1st Package was delivered using Emirates Post. 2nd Package is still with Posta Plus courier.
  8. Kindly review the below job offer 😉
  9. Please inform me if there js family room available in Ruwais for monthly rent
  10. Looking for 1/2 bhk in Ruwais In monthly basis
  11. Dear Patricia, Please note that during Ramadan fasting (no food or water) is a common practice during the day for Muslims. Regardless of your outdoor activity you need to consider other people's efforts and culture. You are not restricted to drink water in public, but you should do so without interfering or demotivating ongoing daily customs for this period of time.
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  13. Dear, Is it allowed when you do sports outside like bicycle to drink water while cycling during Ramadan? Some people say no problem, but I respect the culture and don’t want to risk a fine or be jailed. If it is ok can I see proof on paper that I can take with me. thanks
  14. Kindly contact 80050, visit https://www.seha.ae/contact-us or download the Seha APP to view your vaccine certificate Otherwise, kindly read the 2nd paragraph from http://ruwais.info/3-months-after-the-covid-19-vaccine/
  15. Guest

    Accomodation Renting Contact

    Hi, I am looking for 1 / 2 bedroom apartment in Ruwais. Pls let me know if available and shre the details mob 0504246093 regards
  16. Guest

    Flyer - Oasis Water

    Plz I want contect no water delivered in madinat zayd western region plz contect me 0565362755
  17. Ryan

    Repatrierea bunurilor

    Mai nou exista firma si pagina de social media : https://www.facebook.com/Hit-High-Cargo-101406502003658/ Contact : hithighcargo @ gmail . com 1 Martie (Update) : https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=105550118255963&id=101406502003658 Retineti ca preturile pe mare se schimba periodic, iar costul mentionat in atasament este doar pt luna Martie!
  18. Guest

    Driving School Instructor

    We would like driving lessons for our daughter, in Ruwais UAE. Must be in English. Please call or whatsapp +971 505545256
  19. If so it is ok. Kindly look into 28 November data it says package leaves career facility Los Angeles California. I think the package from USA. Let me try AMAZON UAE
  20. The above screenshots are of items ordered from amazon.ae
  21. Did anyone received from Amazon UAE any order
  22. if package is shipped with QExpress - it will not be delivered in Ruwais if package is shipped with another courier company - there is a high chance of successful delivery (for example: Aramex)
  23. Did anyone received from Amazon UAE any order
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