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  2. Your message has been forwarded to the concerned department. If your correct phone details have been included in your message, they will contact you in due time.
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  4. Hi I am UI KWUN SON, call me UK. I had lived in villa P-399 for 2 years and now left from there due to finishing work in Ruwais. I still have UAE residence VISA and am working in another area. physically, I am not in Ruwais but many friends and related work is still remained in ruwais , wish to come back there again I left Ruwais on 14th of February 2022 and now 3 months have passed. When I left the house, the half year rental period remained and then the rental fee for the remaining time was supposed to be refunded. An accounting staff in Ruwais housing admin guided me the refunding process with a 2 month notice period before leaving , returning the house key and some approval procedure. Actually, when I heard the procedure, I suggested I can inform Ruwais housing admin of the leaving day earlier and when I leave the house with the return key, I need to get the refund. but He said the process can be started by returning the key. For now, I am not sure when I can get the refund. I think the accounting staff did his job properly. but somewhere or someone in his higher level doesn't care about this process. As time goes by, so much unnecessary suspicious thinking is increasing in my brain. Is it like someone in this process trying to intercept my money ? But you know, the remaining rental fee is half of a year. It is not a small amount of money. I hate myself for even imagining this kind of thought. I have sent them emails for reminders and asking for the status more than 10 times for last 3 months, but the reply is always ‘in process’. Maybe, I would try to find a way in law enforcement if this situation keeps going. This kind of process should have a schedule or designated time to completion. AM I TOO sensitive ? Is this a normal situation for this kind of work in UAE ? 3 month is still not enough time for this process? UK.SON p399_keyhandover.pdf
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  6. Hi, I am new to Ruwais, recently re-located, and I am looking for jobs in the special needs' department in schools around Ruwais. I have 4 years of experience in said field and an ongoing Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Zainab Amin Resume.docx
  7. 1 > http://ruwais.info/tyre-service-in-ruwais/ 2 >
  8. Hi Can anyone tell me a place where I can have my vehicle serviced - general service (Ford Explorer 2006).
  9. Is that mugharaq port allowed for fishing?
  10. Vet hospital is only available in Ghayathi Pets policy will be listed in the renting contract For renting quotations And contract in Ruwais contact
  11. I am looking for female driving instructor in Ruwais. Please call 0555484722
  12. Hi We may be shifting to Ruwais in a month. There is so little info available online about Ruwais life. I would like to know if housing is available for non ADNOC people in ruwais housing, and what is the approx rent for a 3BHK villa. Are villas/apartments available in the surrounding areas like Ghayathi? What is the approx rent in Ghayathi for a 3BHK villa or flat? We have 2 puppies. Are there any vets & pet grooming salons available in Ruwais? Kindly share info.
  13. RCF

    Hotel REMAL

    Contact # 02 809 2222
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    Smell. Sip. Repeat... Join us at The Wine Tasting Event at Remal Hotel (Ruwais) on Thursday, Sep 23rd, from 7pm to 9pm . Entrance Fee: 50 AED For Reservation: fnb@remalhotel.ae; Mobile: 050-252-9458 . Terms and Conditions: • Entry is permitted to vaccinated guests only with green status on Al Hosn App • 2M social distance to be followed • Entry is based on reservation • Taste responsibly Shop the Best Wines Online & Get Home Delivery: bit.ly/WT-Remal
  15. Please mail me my certificate of vaccination
  16. Hi iam looking my vaccination certificate please update me and mail me thanks 🙏. My edi num is ... 784198468724814. My first dose was on 30.01.21.. second dose was 20.02.21kindly send me my certificate itsa humble requesting to all your pure health team please...
  17. The original job details can be found @ https://www.linkedin.com/posts/activity-6825679653190045696-jDly
  18. I can confirm that Posta Plus is delivering a PS4 game to Ruwais (item < 100 aed value): Most likely they only deliver once per week in Ruwais.
  19. Try contacting the household items store - central market - located at the first floor of the banks buildings. https://ruwais.info/ruwais-housing-complex-contact-numbers/
  20. Is the slaughter house open yet for Eid al-Fitr? If not when will it open? and what will be the working times on the day of the Eid?
  21. Ordered on Amazon Prime days above 1k. 1st Package was delivered using Emirates Post. 2nd Package is still with Posta Plus courier.
  22. Kindly review the below job offer 😉
  23. Please inform me if there js family room available in Ruwais for monthly rent
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