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  1. At the moment of writing, Guests CAN reply to current topics. If guests abuse or spam, this feature will be disabled. If Guests register an account => they will also be able to Create new topics, Upload attachements, Edit their posts, use the Chat Box.
  2. Ryan

    La Mama

    https://www.lamama.ae/contact In caz ca vreti cateva informatii despre cozonaci 😉
  3. If you feel a topic is missing, kindly write it here and we provide feedback on your idea.
  4. http://ruwais.info/ruwais-hospital-contacts/
  5. http://ruwais.info/massage-in-ruwais-area/
  6. Old Recreation Center https://www.google.com/maps/place/24%C2%B005'27.6%22N+52%C2%B038'35.2%22E/@24.091806,52.6425862,0z/
  7. there s only one 🤔http://ruwais.info/ruwais-nurseries/
  8. For more details regarding Accomodation Renting in Ruwais Housing Complex contact :
  9. For maintenance requests : 800-789247 (800-RUWAIS) Send email to rhcservices Send email to contact [at] ruwais [dot] info
  10. what about nikon or canon cameras ? also... can you show us one of your favorite pictures ? (taken by you)
  11. I enjoy photography, but i have not really invested in high end equipment. If you are more than a fan of this art, please share with us with what camera you shoot your pictures, and of what do you enjoy taking pictures. Here is a picture from Adnoc Beach Club from November 2013
  12. I have had the pleasure of visiting the OPD clinic a few times. Regardless of the medical help that you may need you will need 3 things: 1. A number of appointment with you doctor (from the main reception) -> You should get it early in the morning 7:30 - 8:30 AM 2. Take your number to your designated office (Adnoc will go the Dental desk) and give them your Insurance Card. -> The office ladies will make a copy of your insurance and will give you a form to sign. 3. Take the insurance card and form to the cashier (reception or 1st floor), pay 50 AED -> Then wait until your name is called in the male/female area of your specialist. I will mention that if you are doing a next-day follow up you are not required to pay. So far, i have not encountered any problems besides the fact that my file was constantly being misplaced (due to repeated visits to several doctors in a short period of time). Tell us your experience with OPD. PS. if you are doing injections -> in the weekend you will need to go the Emergency entrance and the nurses (brothers & sisters) will do them for you. PS#2. Always remember to bring your Insurance card.
  13. You can get the essential information from reading this article : http://ruwais.info/ruwais-markets/ Here are a few ideas about what you could discuss about the markets: shelves order, product display and variety, vegetable freshness, helping staff and cashiers, cleanliness, general convenience. My opinion is that : Emirates market has much more variety of products -> but it is more crowded and the fresh meats finish fast. I live closer to Abu Dhabi Market, but the main shopping is done by my wife where ever she wants.
  14. Before posting in other topics we encourage you to say Hi, Hello, Salam Aleicum 😉 So... Hello, I am the admin of the forum and i look forward to having interesting discussions with you.
  15. The following rules apply on Ruwais Community Forum. The rules are for everybody's benefit. English is the only language allowed on this forum. (Except United Nations Section) This is to make the forum readable for everyone, regardless of their country of origin. Please focus your discussions on Ruwais topics. The main purpose of this website is to offer information mainly about Ruwais. Feel free to open new discussions or ask questions at any time. Our moderator team will answer or guide you. If necessary, your topics will be moved to the appropriate discussion category.
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