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Vulnerability in iOS Mail app & Banking Malware on Android OS

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Vulnerability in iOS Mail app

  • The vulnerability allows remote code execution capabilities and enables an attacker to remotely infect a device by sending emails that consume significant amount of memory
  • The vulnerability does not necessarily require a large email – a regular email which is able to consume enough RAM would be sufficient. There are many ways to achieve such resource exhaustion including RTF, multi-part, and other methods

Full details regarding the iOS (iPhone & iPad) Mail app vulnerability can be found here https://blog.zecops.com/vulnerabilities/youve-got-0-click-mail/


Banking Malware on Android OS


The main connection here is to Cerberus, a banking trojan that attempts to steal the victim’s banking credentials. Cerberus recently underwent an upgrade and is now being shipped with full RAT functionality. The malware can provide its operator with full access to the storage of the infected device. Because this particular application shares 124 genes (or 31.23%) of its code with Cerberus, we can understand that it is a new variant.

Full details regarding the Android OS Banking malware can be found here https://intezer.com/android/malicious-apks-share-code-during-covid-19-pandemic/ or using google translate from here: https://www.sri.ro/articole/awareness-campanie-malware-de-furt-de-credentiale-bancare

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