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    Ruwais community logo any one can cut and paste it cause that I ask signature and stamp and announced from Adnoc housing and our companies through our companies email and today as today they sent mail not get any information from un trusted location so Whois aswaq and is they one on ruwais community ? if yes so they know how to announce any instruction not on a facebook page theres adnoc email as we are oneadnoc and Adnoc website thanks u for ur fast reply and again I’m telling u I’m not following this instruction until it comes from Adnoc through our email
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    1st like this instruction we must get it from Adnoc housing only 2nd who are u and Whois Aswaq ? Why this letter not signed or any stamp ??? 3rd as Adnoc instruction recently about ruwais to keep ruwais free of covid 19 , so why door to door not allowed , also when we are on duty how u want we keep our wives waiting the delivery down our building and the kids alone at home ?? and children not allowed to ply inside building ?? Don’t forget it’s 1 month now without school and how hard it’s to control them not go any other place to play or enjoy so u think easily we can manage them to not play even at corridors??
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