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    Dear @Ibrahim For the moment, there is no confirmed end date for the lockdown. But i may have some other good news for this coming Thursday. Will post it as soon as i get the green light.
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    1. Taxis can be booked by phone through the TransAD hotline 600 535353 or via the Abu Dhabi Taxi app available for both iOS and Android platforms. 2. No. Taxi drivers do not need to be included in your entry/exit permit. 3. You can ask that aspect while booking. For orientation the fares are listed here https://visitabudhabi.ae/en/travel/around.the.emirate/taxis.aspx
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    Please can we get gymnastics and hip hop dancing coaches here in Ruwais. Our children need more options with regards to activities offered here.
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    Dear ryan Any updation on lockdown date extension
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