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Found 5 results

  1. until
    In addition to the UAE Tour, we gladly invite you to participate in our Ruwais Community Cycling Race. Kindly register at Al Hosn: 02 6027931 Bicycles will be provided.
  2. until
    Opening day: 16 Feb 2020 Working Hours: 10 AM to 10 PM GPS : 24°04'58.3"N 52°39'12.2"E
  3. I have had the pleasure of visiting the OPD clinic a few times. Regardless of the medical help that you may need you will need 3 things: 1. A number of appointment with you doctor (from the main reception) -> You should get it early in the morning 7:30 - 8:30 AM 2. Take your number to your designated office (Adnoc will go the Dental desk) and give them your Insurance Card. -> The office ladies will make a copy of your insurance and will give you a form to sign. 3. Take the insurance card and form to the cashier (reception or 1st floor), pay 50 AED -> Then wait until your name is called in the male/female area of your specialist. I will mention that if you are doing a next-day follow up you are not required to pay. So far, i have not encountered any problems besides the fact that my file was constantly being misplaced (due to repeated visits to several doctors in a short period of time). Tell us your experience with OPD. PS. if you are doing injections -> in the weekend you will need to go the Emergency entrance and the nurses (brothers & sisters) will do them for you. PS#2. Always remember to bring your Insurance card.
  4. You can get the essential information from reading this article : http://ruwais.info/ruwais-markets/ Here are a few ideas about what you could discuss about the markets: shelves order, product display and variety, vegetable freshness, helping staff and cashiers, cleanliness, general convenience. My opinion is that : Emirates market has much more variety of products -> but it is more crowded and the fresh meats finish fast. I live closer to Abu Dhabi Market, but the main shopping is done by my wife where ever she wants.
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