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  1. Ruwais Retail Stores - Open Stores 18th April 2020.pdf
  2. Ryan

    Al Yash 1

    i called 02 602 1200 a few days back and the receptionist told me that there are no current restrictions maybe vip surprise visit ?
  3. http://ruwais.info/ruwais-branch-of-al-ain-pharmacy/ Landline : +971 2 447 70 65 Whatsapp : +971 50 795 0908
  4. Since these are extraordinary times, there is a need for extraordinary actions. I can suggest you to send a maintenance request using your work email. Thus making your request serious, official and urgent. The email address is aldhafracommunity@adnoc.ae You may also include in cc : rhcservices@adnoc.ae; contact@ruwais.info PS. You are not the only one with faulty AC. I know this from recent experience (and social media).
  5. If you are part of ADNOC or ENEC staff, please check your work inbox for emails received on or before the 6th of April. Otherwise, please be informed that due to health and safety reasons access to or out of Ruwais has been limited as mentioned in : PS. The end date of the lockdown has not yet been confirmed, but initial communications have mentioned 3 weeks period only. PS#2. Leaving Ruwais can be done with a permit, details are mentioned in the above quoted announcement.
  6. supersized map
  7. Ruwais Retail Stores - Open Stores - 1-8 April 2020.pdf.pdf
  8. The pdf version of the Guide can be viewed here = دليل تنظيف وتعقيم المنازل-Home Disinfection & Cleaning Guide.pdf.pdf
  9. until

    This annoucement, as well as yesterday's lockdown confirmation, has been delivered through official channels and then conveyed through social media for effective and swift awareness. In these difficult times, i understand where you are coming from but you should know, by now , that the facts that i share are verified. Thank you for your time, and i look forward to hearing from you again once you've received the above mentioned information on your work email.
  10. until

    1. Kindly check this annoucement's cover photo to see Ruwais Community logo inclusion in the header. 2. http://www.aswaqms.net/ 3. Until further amendments are released, please send your suggestions to aldhafracommunity@adnoc.ae
  11. until
    Dear Resident, To ensure the safety of our community and to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 the additional health and safety measures below should be followed: Only residents will be permitted to enter or leave residential buildings Residents should not gather or play in communal areas, such as internal corridors. Door to door delivery will not be permitted - however deliveries can be collected from the main entrance of the accommodation building for you to pick up. These measures will be in place until further notice. Help protect your loved ones and our community. For further information : https://www.ruwaislife.com/covid19-updates (Sent on behalf of) Aswaq Management and Services Team
  12. >>> Update @ 21st March 2021 <<< >>> Update @ 8th March 2021 <<< >>> Update @ 14th February 2021 <<< >>> Update @ 04th February 2021 <<< >>> Update @ 9th August 2020 <<< ------------------------------------ >>> Initial annoucement @ 6th April 2020 <<< ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ >>> Update @ 5th MAY 2020 <<< ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ >>> Update @ 3rd JUNE 2020 <<< ------------------------------------ >>> Update @ 2nd of July 2020 <<< ------------------------------------ >>> Update @ 29th JULY 2020 <<< ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ >>> Update @ 9th August 2020 <<< ------------------------------------
  13. some are already mentioned on http://ruwais.info/online-retailers-that-deliver-to-ruwais/ and the others... i look forward to hearing your feedback trying to order from them
  14. https://www.uaebarq.ae/en/2020/03/31/list-of-purchasing-apps-increased-to-51-tra/
  15. http://ruwais.info/al-ruwais-post-office/
  16. Residents with a non-emergency enquiry can speak with a doctor over the phone. Contact : 800 7267
  17. For recycling inquiries contact Mr Salim on +971 50 827 2416
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