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  1. Dear @Nivea Kindly provide the location or area you are referring to. Your feedback is always welcome and rest assured that actions will be taken (when you point us in the right direction).
  2. Happy birthday

  3. Ryan

    Al Yash 1

    You are correct that now, AY Guest House 1 is quarantine center for covid positive personnel.
  4. Actually, It's extended until July 1st. Kindly see the latest update.
  5. Here are the mall stores that are open now ! For on-going sales visit : http://ruwaismall.com/promotions/
  6. Ryan

    COVID-19 Immunity Ambassadors

    Ruwais "CIA" Album
  7. Contact Mr Salim 😉
  8. Hopefully by next week we will have an update regarding the lockdown status of Ruwais.
  9. Starting from 25 May 2020 at 09 AM, Ruwais Mall reopens its doors!
  10. Thank you all for your feedback, support and patience. Ruwais mall will be opening at 9am!
  11. يمكنك الآن التسجيل في خدمة الهوية الرقمية (UAE PASS) باستخدام حسابك الحالي في الدخول الذكي (SmartPass) والحصول على حساب معرف، للاطلاع على الخطوات الرجاء زيارة الرابط التالي https://bit.ly/2V6rlD5 You can now register on UAE PASS and upgrade using SmartPass from home, watch the video
  12. In case you want to apply for an Entry / Exit permit here are the required forms 😉 Vehicle Pass Authorization.pdf Resident Authorization Form.pdf
  13. officially, the company should be applying for the entry permit. and not the other way around. once the permit is granted, entry at the check point should be easy.
  14. Dear @RCF You are not the only one asking about this. I've been forwarding this type of enquiry throughout the week to the community management. This is the reply that i have received from them : To make everything full proof further more, i have also received the following advice : Email security 24 hours before any delivery Phone security on the day of the delivery
  15. The good news is related to this thread : Depending on general feedback, preparations for the mall shops' reopening may speed up.
  16. kindly see the below contact details 😉
  17. Ruwais Retail Management would like to find out the general opinion regarding all Ruwais Mall shops reopening. Kindly vote in our survey. Feel free to leave a comment below if you want the Ruwais Retail Management to read it 😉
  18. Dear @Ibrahim For the moment, there is no confirmed end date for the lockdown. But i may have some other good news for this coming Thursday. Will post it as soon as i get the green light.
  19. Vulnerability in iOS Mail app Full details regarding the iOS (iPhone & iPad) Mail app vulnerability can be found here : https://blog.zecops.com/vulnerabilities/youve-got-0-click-mail/ Banking Malware on Android OS Full details regarding the Android OS Banking malware can be found here : https://intezer.com/android/malicious-apks-share-code-during-covid-19-pandemic/ or using google translate from here: https://www.sri.ro/articole/awareness-campanie-malware-de-furt-de-credentiale-bancare
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