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  1. For appointments or more information call 800 7267
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    1. Taxis can be booked by phone through the TransAD hotline 600 535353 or via the Abu Dhabi Taxi app available for both iOS and Android platforms. 2. No. Taxi drivers do not need to be included in your entry/exit permit. 3. You can ask that aspect while booking. For orientation the fares are listed here https://visitabudhabi.ae/en/travel/around.the.emirate/taxis.aspx
  3. Update : Visa screening services will be extended until Thursday August 13.
  4. The Opening of the Ruwais City branch of Dynatrade Auto Service is finaly happening tomorrow (6th of August) at 11 AM. They are situated opposite of McDonalds. You can reach their office by dialing : 02-8933000 Drop by until the 5th of September for a free inspection and car wash.
  5. kindly contact the security office at 02-6024006
  6. As there are constant requests for Visa Screening Services, a mobile clinic from Capital Health will be again present inside Ruwais City. You may remember this type of service from 2018 : http://ruwais.info/residency-visa-screening-mobile-unit/
  7. Currently the bus transportation is on hold due to lockdown. Bus station contact numbers are included in the following article : http://ruwais.info/2020-bus-schedules-to-from-ruwais/ Alternatively, you may call for a taxi using the following hotline number : 600535353
  8. For Housing Letter (Tenancy - Letter) requests kindly contact Sultan Al Zaabi : email : smalzaabi [at] adnoc.ae Fatima Salem Al Mansoori : email : fsalmansoori [at] adnoc.ae : landline : (+971) 2 6027852
  9. For Ruwais Entry : Kindly apply for a Resident Short Entry/Exit Permit (Valid for 2 days only) on the following website https://apply.ruwaispermit.ae/ For Ruwais Hospital (additional) information and appointments call 8007267
  10. 026024006 / 004 / 003 https://apply.ruwaispermit.ae/
  11. the correct location should be : https://www.google.com/maps/place/24%C2%B003'06.0%22N+52%C2%B040'43.6%22E/@24.0516669,52.6766003,17z/ this is where most couriers are stopped
  12. 1. If it’s a personal vehicle, all passengers must be listed on the permit 2. If it’s a taxi, the driver will not be included in the permit.
  13. --- update 05 iulie --- Va rugam sa cititi prima postare pentru noile instructiuni. --- mesajul original @ 04 iulie --- In urma solicitarilor dvs s-a intocmit o lista, cu persoanele care au nevoie de servicii consulare, si s-a atasat la urmatorul email:
  14. Click the following link to access all classes and workshops which will be conducted through MT. For more information about the summer camp click this link.
  15. 1. 2. If you input the above mentioned address model, your shipment will be delivered automatically by TFM courier. Courier selection is done automatically by amazon logistic system.
  16. --- update 05 Iulie --- ---- mesajul original @ 04 iulie ---- Apel catre toti romanii din Ruwais care au nevoie de servicii consulare. Va rog sa cititi postarea de mai jos si sa luati legatura cu domnul Mihai Sandulescu.
  17. --- 14th of October @ Update --- Following up on an information from social media. I have made 2 different orders, and to my surprise the packages were delivered using: Emirates Post / TFM / Aramex couriers I have setup my address as following : As you can see i did not mention "Ruwais" at all ! --- 10th of July @ Update --- Although amazon.ae customer service rep. says they don't deliver to Ruwais, i believe that amazon.ae will make an "extra" effort only on high value items: the punching bag from the original delivery confirmation is worth 1600 AED and it was successfully delivered. --- original message --- Leave your follow-up questions or comments here or on our Facebook post.
  18. partially open on 9 August 2020
  19. you can apply for it through you company's HR department, or you can directly go to the Ruwais Admin Building and request it personally
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